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TIARA BALI CONCEPT specializes in Balinese concept garden.

Tiara Bali is proud to offer real handmade sandstone carvings from Bali.

You will be ingtrigued by our many charming statues; from whimsical pieces weighing only 300g, to magnificent edifices standing 2 meter tall.

We can custom-make wall panels, murals and sceneries for both the indoors and outdoors.

We are also able to produce wall panels measuring 1m by 1m in one piece, a rarity in the market.

Other than that, you can also find Bali pebbles, walkways and water fountains here.

For more enquiries, you may
call us at 03-8739-2139, 012-293-9836, 016-236-2020, or
e-mail us at

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